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Below you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions at Verso Skincare. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to reach out to our customer service;


What is Retinol 8, and what sets it apart from traditional Retinol?

Retinol is the term for a Vitamin A derivative used in cosmetics. It is considered “the golden standard” in skincare and “the star of cosmetics.” Retinol is remarkable for its ability to help the skin look revitalized, renewed, and fresh. Retinol 8, is a unique Vitamin A complex and a true Verso hero ingredient. It is eight times as effective as traditional Retinol, yet half as irritative. 

What is NEAR 1, and what sets it apart from other Retinoids/Vitamin A?

NEAR 1 is Verso’s patented molecule. It is a versatile skincare technology combining two hero ingredients: Vitamin A and Niacinamide. We started developing NEAR 1 because we wanted further to improve the efficacy and usage of Vitamin A. Our ambition during research and development was to create an effective and stable Vitamin A technology that would cause little to no irritation. After combining Vitamin A and Niacinamide with a unique link, a new Vitamin A derivative (an ester of Vitamin A) was produced. The technology uses Niacinamide to help further stabilize and enhance the benefits of Vitamin A. This results in a more stable, effective, and gentle Vitamin A. NEAR 1 is a unique molecule and the first of its kind.

How should I introduce products that contain Retinol 8 or NEAR 1 to my skincare routine?

We always strive to have the best Vitamin A options for your skin. Retinol 8 and NEAR 1 is the outcome of that goal. We use highly effective yet gentle Vitamin A, which is available in cosmetics.

In general, you don’t need to introduce these kinds of Vitamin A in the same way as traditional Retinol. Still, for sensitive skin, it may be beneficial to introduce Retinol 8 or NEAR 1 a couple of times a week. Build up the use when experiencing no visible dryness or appearance of temporary discomfort in your skin.

Can I use Retinol 8 and NEAR 1 during the daytime and summertime?

Yes, you can! It can be very beneficial for your skin since regular use of Retinol 8 and NEAR 1 will help to strengthen the skin’s natural protection. Thus, Retinol 8 and NEAR 1 can be used during the daytime, although it is always essential to use sun protection, SPF30 or greater, when exposed to the sun (with or without the use of a Vitamin A product). This is to preserve the results of your skincare routine, promoting a prolonged youthful appearance. 

We advise avoiding using a product with Retinol 8 or NEAR 1 when sunbathing since the efficacy might be affected.

Are there any products from Verso I should avoid during breastfeeding or pregnancy?

We do not recommend using Retinol 8 or NEAR 1 during pregnancy or breastfeeding due to the overall hormonal change in the body. Instead, we recommend choosing products that help moisturize, visibly soothe, and protect your skin. Verso Facial Cleanser, Verso Hydration Serum, Verso Super C Serum, and Verso Nourishing Cream are all products that can be used that provide those benefits. Do not forget to add daily sun protection.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the skin may become sensitized. Therefore, we recommend setting aside our result-driven Verso Peel Mask, with exfoliating properties, since its formula contains acids that might be too powerful during this period. An excellent alternative could be Verso Cleansing Balm with melting jojoba beads that gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it fresh and healthy-looking. You are always welcome to consult with us if you have any questions.

Which of Verso's products contains the highest concentration of Retinol 8?

The concentration of an ingredient does not always say what result the product will provide. The composition and other ingredients in the product also play a big part in giving the desired results. If you are unsure which Retinol 8 product suits your needs the best, you are welcome to get in touch with us.
We have compiled a list of the percentages of retinol in our Retinol 8-based products that may be helpful.

Percentage - Retinol 8 | % Retinol 8

Verso Lip Serum 0,03%
Verso Super Eye Serum 0,03%
Verso Daily Glow 0,03%
Verso Clarifying Gel 0,05%
Verso Day Cream 0,06%
Verso Night Cream 0,06%
Verso Super Facial Oil 0,06%
Verso Super Facial Serum 0,10%
Verso Dark Spot Fix 0,30%

How can I get a personal recommendation for a Verso Skincare routine?

We want to help you find the products that suit your skin. Please fill in the online form - Personalized Recommendation or email directly to
The Personalized Analyze is free of charge, and you will receive your recommendation within two business days.

From what age can I start to use Retinol 8/NEAR 1?

This can be individual, and we will be happy to help you find what suits your specific needs. Sometimes it can be enough to start with products containing functional ingredients such as Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) or Vitamin C to help maintain healthy-looking skin. But if you experience unbalanced skin with clogged pores and/or uneven skin tone, you can start from age 20 with, e.g., Verso Clarifying Gel or Verso Daily Glow with Retinol 8 to promote healthy-looking skin.

You are always welcome to contact us to find out what suits your skin.

Can I use a skincare routine including only Verso products?

Yes, you can use a daily skincare routine, including only Verso products. Verso’s goal is to help our customers combine a skincare routine with a busy, contemporary lifestyle by offering products that deliver performance with a few steps. Our products are multifunctional and result-driven, ensuring healthy-looking skin without fuss.

If you want help finding the products that suit your skin, you are welcome to fill in our online form - Personalized Recommendation or contact us.

Does Verso have products with SPF?

Sun protection is an essential step in every skincare routine to promote healthy-looking skin while maintaining and enhancing the results of your skincare routine. We recommend finishing your daily routine with sun protection, at least SPF 30. Out versatile and innovative sunscreen, Verso Daily SPF 50 includes broad and high protection. Broad-spectrum SPF is essential for preventing sun damage such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and premature signs of aging. Verso Daily SPF 50 is formulated with unique Swedish algae known as “the jewels of the sea.” These algae increase the effectiveness of the SPF. Oat and vitamins strengthen the skin’s natural protection from the visible effects of environmental stressors with a calming sensation.

How many Vitamin A products can I use in my daily skincare routine?

Every skin is unique and therefore has different needs. But in general, using one product at a time with Vitamin A is enough. Since the skin's needs can vary, it may be beneficial to alternate and/or exchange your current Vitamin A product - instead of adding more products. You can also alternate different Vitamin A products on various days.

Are Verso's products vegan-friendly and cruelty-free?

Verso´s range of products is vegan, except for Verso Lip Serum which contains beeswax (Cera Alba) with less than one percent.

Verso has not carried out animal testing on the products we produce and sell. Neither has animal testing been performed by third parties. Raw materials suppliers for our company are obliged to meet the applicable regulations at all times. This allows us to ensure that all outline conditions are complied with for our cosmetic products regarding the applicable animal testing regulations. 

Verso produces its products within the European Union, where testing of finished cosmetic products on animals has been prohibited since 2004. In 2009, the ban on testing ingredients used in cosmetic products was implemented to prove compliance with the Cosmetics Regulation. 

We highly appreciate and take great pride in this regulation, all to guarantee and ensure that our products are not, in any process, tested on animals. 

For more information, please visit:

Which products can I mix?

Which products you mix or combine depends on your skin and its needs. You are always welcome to contact us to find out what suits your skin.

Can I use Verso's products with other brands?

Verso is developed to be adapted into any other skincare routine. Just make sure you use only a few functional products at the same time. We recommend introducing them separately before using them in the same routine to ensure your skin can tolerate the combination. If you combine functional products, the skin may be stressed and get visibly irritated if not introduced slowly. Verso's multifunctional products could also reduce the number of products in your skincare routine without compromising the result.

You are always welcome to contact us to find out what suits your skin and how you may combine your skincare products.

In what order should I apply my Verso products?

A skincare routine can be adapted differently depending on your unique skin and its needs. It also applies to what order you use your products. Usually, a Verso Skincare routine consists of a start with a cleanser followed by a Serum, Booster, Facial Oil, and/or Cream. We always recommend applying SPF during the daytime.

Many of Verso´s products can be used as a stand-alone and therefore do not always include more than one step after cleansing.

Do you use perfume in Verso's products?

We only use a small amount of White Tea Flower, less than 1%, in some of our facial products to camouflage the scent of certain ingredients. White Tea Flower contains none of the 26 most common allergens.

Verso Body Care contains a small amount of the scent Earthy Grape (grapefruit, moss, and herbs) for a luxurious feeling.

Perfume-free products:

Micellar Water, Cleansing Balm, Deep Cleanse, Nourishing Cream, Hydration Serum, Super C Serum, Super Eye Serum, Eye Cream, Clarifying Gel, Super Facial Oil, Super Elixir, Nourishing Mask, Peel Mask, Lip Serum.

Products with perfume:

Facial Cleanser, Day Cream, Daily Glow, Night Cream, Super Facial Serum, Dark Spot Fix, Body Oil Cleanser, Body Peel, Body Lotion.

Do you have products for sensitive skin?

Yes, we do! If you experience skin sensitivity, it is beneficial to find out the reason behind it. The skin can be sensitive during a period due to internal factors such as stress, diet, and hormones. It can also get increasingly sensitized when visibly irritated from external stressors such as choosing the wrong skincare products or the impact of the weather.

We recommend you choose from our products developed for sensitive skin: Verso Cleansing Balm, Verso Micellar Water, Verso Hydration Serum, Verso Nourishing Cream, Verso Eye Cream, and Verso Nourishing Mask.

If you are unsure which products could suit your skin, you are always welcome to consult with us. Please fill in the online form - Personalized Recommendation or contact us.

How long can a Verso product be open before expiring?

The packaging of all Verso Skincare products consists of high quality to ensure the effectiveness of the formulations. All full-size products have an “open-jar” symbol of 12 months. This means that they should be used within 12 months after opening.

When does my product expire? I have a batch code.

We always want to deliver products of the best possible quality. If you have a batch code (printed under the packaging or on the grooved edge at the top of the tubes), you can email us at, and we will verify when your product expires.

Do Verso's products contain organic ingredients?

For the most part, our products contain high-quality synthetic ingredients to ensure effectiveness. Verso is not a natural organic brand, but we use organic and natural ingredients when applicable, e.g., our local ingredient, Oats from the Nordics.

I think I have experienced a reaction. What do I do?

We are so sorry if you may have reacted to a Verso product. When changing products in your skincare routine, the skin can sometimes become dry and/or experience temporary sensitivity. It doesn't necessarily have to be an allergic reaction, and it may not be easy to know why a reaction occurs. We always recommend avoiding ingredients you have known established allergies for. Please email us, and we will help you in the best way.


What are the shipping costs?

We offer free shipping when ordering over € 50. For orders below € 50, a delivery cost of € 10 will be added.

What shipping carriers can I use?

Verso Skincare offers shipping through USPS, FedEx, DHL, and Budbee. When adding your address details to your Shopping Cart, the delivery options will be updated and show your specific alternatives.

What is your return policy?

If you were to be unsatisfied with your purchase at Verso Skincare's website, you are entitled to withdraw your purchase or exchange your product by sending a notice to Verso Skincare. This should be sent within 14 days of receiving your order.

Returned product(s) should be in unused condition together with the original invoice by 14 days after sending your notice. Returns will only be accepted if labels and original packaging are fully intact and resellable. Verso Skincare will not accept returns where labels have been removed or products have been opened. Refunds for returned goods will be made within 14 days of the return of the product by the same payment method used at the original purchase for the amount paid to Verso Skincare. Please note that Verso Skincare does not handle returns or withdrawals from other retailers. Please contact the retailer where the purchase was made in those matters.

My product has been broken during transportation. What should I do?

If a product is broken during transportation, please email your order number and a photo of the broken product to:

Do you have a discount code I can use?

From time to time, we offer discounts on selected products. Please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the homepage to receive all Verso news and offers.

Where do you ship?

Verso Skincare offers shipping within the EU, Schengen, and United States. You will find all available countries in your Shopping Cart when you choose \"SELECT A SHIPPING COUNTRY.” For delivery to other countries, please get in touch with our customer service.

When will my package be delivered? Can I get a tracking number?

If you order from Sweden or within the EU, you will receive an email with your tracking number where you can follow your order.
If you order from the US, you are welcome to contact our customer service, and we will help you with your tracking number.

Where is my closest Verso store, skincare salon, or stocksist?

At present, Verso is available in over 30 countries. To offer the best experience and delivery, we collaborate with partners who share our passion. If you wish to find out where the nearest physical store or skincare salon is available or if you want to double-check if your stockist is authorized, don't hesitate to contact us.

Do you have samples to try before I buy?

We´re happy to offer you three product samples as a gift when placing an order on our webshop. We only send samples in combination with a purchase.

You are always welcome to contact us to find tailored skincare for your skin. To guide you in the best way, we have developed a tool where you answer questions about your skin. Verso Skin Expert will analyze your answers within two business days and send you a personalized recommendation. Please fill in the online form - Personalized Recommendation or email us. This is entirely free of charge.

The pump or packaging does not work. What is wrong?

We use high-quality airtight packaging to ensure the best possible quality of the formulation and adequate protection against external stressors, such as UV and oxygen.
The airtight pump may need some help to get started the first time you use it. If this is the case, you can shake the product up and down and pump it several times.
Please contact us if you should experience any problems.

I can't find a product on your website that I previously bought

Sometimes we change a product’s name, category, formula, and/or packaging to deliver the best possible products to our customers.
If you are looking for a product, you are welcome to contact Verso Customer Service.
Often the product has only changed its name but contains the same great formula.

Our most recent updates:
Verso Enzyme Peel - Verso Peel Mask (New name, new category, same unique formulation).
Verso Blemish Fix - Verso Clarifying Gel (New name, same great formulation).
Verso Acne Deep Cleanse - Verso Deep Cleanse (New name, same great formulation).
Verso Foaming Cleanser – Verso Facial Cleanser (New name, bigger size (from 90 ml to 120 ml), same great formulation).


If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to reach out to our customer service: