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Verso Journal

The Verso Skincare Philosophy & Smart Ingredients 

    02 · 11 · 2022

To put it simply, Verso's philosophy has always been firmly rooted in science, simplicity, and enhancing the quality of life. It's our grid with nodes across everything we do. 

In this journal, we elaborate further and explain how our “smart” ingredients play a vital role in Verso Skincare.


At Verso, we make high-quality products with low ingredient counts. All products must meet this requirement; we never skip corners or take shortcuts in development. 

The Verso Skincare headquarters has been strategically located in the center of a significant scientific-research environment, close to the University of Stockholm’s campus at Frescati. This tie to the scientific community has been more than geographical; it has been essential to the Verso product development approach.

New scientific insights about the visibly rejuvenating properties of the Vitamin A derivative Retinol 8 propelled Verso into existence. By clinically testing different concentrations of Retinol 8 under the supervision of doctors from the Karolinska University Hospital in the early 2010s’, Verso founder Lars Fredriksson arrived at a formulation that proved to be eight times as effective and half as irritative as traditional Retinol.

Verso´s interest in ingredients, formulas, and developing new products is ongoing and imprinted in our DNA. The latest groundbreaking release is NEAR 1, Verso’s own patented molecule. It combines Vitamin A and Niacinamide in one impactful, versatile technology. 

 Lars Fredriksson, CEO & Founder of Verso Skincare

Firmly rooted in science, Verso is about everyday simplicity and quality of life.


We want to help customers with a busy, contemporary lifestyle to combine it with a healthy skincare routine. We do that by offering products that deliver performance without fuss.

The Verso Skincare product lines offer visibly rejuvenating products that provide immediate moisturization and long-term hydration, leaving the skin more balanced, softer, smoother, and more resistant to the visible effects of environmental stressors.

Since day one, our goal has been to offer fresh products with clinically tested ingredients that promote the visible long-term improvement of all skin types.


We have been true to the mission defined in 2013 when Verso Skincare was established: To provide an easy and convenient solution to skincare with products that effectively target the skin’s daily needs. We want to provide our customers with the best and most innovative products when it comes to Vitamin A and believe that everyone should use at least one Vitamin A product in their daily skincare routine to achieve the appearance of healthy skin.

Verso adds a little ease to everyday life.

”Everyone should use at least one Vitamin A product every day in their skincare routine.”

- Lars Fredriksson, CEO & Founder of Verso Skincare

Products with Retinol 8 (Vitamin A)


We select ingredients with care. NEAR 1, Retinol 8, and other functional ingredients such as Niacinamide, Turmeric, Oats, Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract, and Peptides help keep a low ingredient count. Only high-quality substances with proven ability to visibly rejuvenate the skin and maintain its beauty make the cut. Altogether this makes the Verso range gentle enough for everyday use, even on delicate skin.

Behind our products is a careful decision-making process to ensure each ingredient is “smart”; focusing on what makes them unique and their benefits on the skin.

All Verso products include high-quality ingredients rooted in science with concentrations documented to have effects on the skin: all to ensure healthy-looking skin. Without unnecessary ingredients. 

Moreover, smart ingredients are fundamental to our philosophy. We firmly believe in upholding a scientifically proven quality. In the Verso universe, quality equals longevity. We include “smart” ingredients in our products to ensure the best experience and results. We always strive to use as few high-quality ingredients as possible without compromising your experience.

Our Skin Expert, Lena, tells more.  

- Our philosophy is at the core of everything we do, transcending into our brand and each product. That essentially means developing products that acknowledge genetics, different needs, and backgrounds. We all have unique skin. As various types of skin and conditions mean that each skincare routine looks different, we always recommend that you have a customized routine for healthy-looking skin.

Speaking of routines, do a little homework and have a glance in the rearview mirror. Before choosing your new product, consider what you have been using in the past and how your skin responded (e.g., allergy or reactions to specific products or ingredients), or on the contrary, if there were ingredients that felt especially good.

All done? Okay, now it´s time to take a look in your bathroom cabinets, reviewing the products you might use daily, including your cleanser, day cream, and night cream. Hydration and sun protection I always recommend as essential parts of all skincare routines. When your skin is protected from the visible effects of environmental stressors and has a balanced moisture level, you can extend your routine if needed. Consider adding more functional and highly concentrated ingredients like Vitamin A and Exfoliating Acids. With these smart ingredients, you can improve your routine and get closer to the desired result.

Now proceed to look at those products you have been longing to try. If you already have your skincare favorites, keep using them and see how you can combine them with the new and desired additions. Don’t forget that the skin needs time to adjust when introduced to new products, so be mindful when you’re looking to switch up your routine. If you want to start a completely new skincare routine, begin by adding a few new products at a time.

Verso’s “smart” ingredients focus means our products have a low count of functional, high-quality ingredients verified by science, all to ensure healthy-looking skin.

Our “smart” ingredients are:

Enjoy your Verso products and experience skincare firmly rooted in science.